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Friday, June 10, 2011

quotes about family problems

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  • gc_chahiye
    11-29 03:33 PM
    My attorney received a letter saying "Intent to Deny" reason being not having Mats in graduation.

    But the fact is I have Maths and I did 4 Math courses in graduation and provisional clearly shows maths1, Maths2, maths3, maths4.

    Letter says Vallabhu has done Courses in Sanskrit,English, Physics and Geology but nothing in Maths.

    and This how each year of transcripts look like




    I don't know how can he miss Maths from this.

    Does any one else heard/faced a similar issue in the past.

    What does your attorney say? Respond asap with copies of your transcripts highlighting the maths related courses...

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  • syendu1
    06-27 12:23 PM
    My attorney received an email notice of I-140 approval (PP) on Mon, June 25. But the online case status showed the application as pending. Finally,today my attorney called and was told that due to "system glitch ", approval notices were sent out in error!! It seems this has done to others too!!
    Did anyone else encounter this?

    I got my approval online but not yet received any notices!! This happened yesterday and my RD is Dec 2006. What is yours??

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  • 72 - Your family problems

  • fcres
    06-27 12:25 PM
    My I140 was approved in Dec 2005 by TSC. The online case status still says it pending. And i just filed my 485 using that 140.

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  • desi3933
    02-23 03:23 PM
    If you work for sponsoring employer, your H1B is still valid, eventhough you enter with AP.

    This is grey area and the interpretation can change any time. Please note that entering on AP is not same as entering with visa stamp.

    Not a legal advice


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  • Introduction For Quotes And

  • IN2US
    07-27 12:16 PM
    Congratulations :)

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  • ameryki
    04-13 08:44 PM
    something this big will effect your status. Once you form an LLC or something on those lines using your EAD it is my understanding that you will lose your H1 status. This is just from what I have understood from reading around here. You might want to consult a lawyer. Also you might look at posting this in a different section.


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  • 485InDreams
    03-20 03:51 PM
    How many of you support this idea ?

    Rally in DC in the morning and Fasting till 5PM in front of the capitol.

    Why you wanna get arrested :D

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  • geesee_99
    12-14 11:19 AM
    No, My own PERM. My Own RIR too


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  • quotes about family photos.

  • inskrish
    08-13 12:17 AM
    Dhagala lagli kala... GC themb themb gala...

    English translation please.:D

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  • pappu
    06-06 09:10 AM

    You can find some points here in the documents on the URL mentioned above. This thread brings a good point. There are several issues that impact society, economy, family and relationships due to delays and problems in the GC process. Nobody has a compresensive study on that. Its a real anthropological/sociology and somewhat economics subject for anyone in universities doing a research. Such student can use us in this group to study. We should also try to have a document highlighting these issues so that US media can look at this problem from a different perspective.

    some points
    - lives are on hold
    - property purchases cannot be planned
    - cannot plan future investments and plan for settling in life.
    - H1B is a temporary job and loss of job means leaving the country in 15 days. thus it impacts the lifestyle and family life. it has economic and psycological implications
    - spouse cannot even have driving license since they cannot have a social security card. social security card is given only upon getting work permit. and h4 visa means spose cannot work. lack of driving license is a huge factor in creating restlessness and anxiety and leads to several hardships for a family. Driving is a need in this country and lack of of by spouses affects the homemakers and management of the house and needs.
    - H1Bs on extensions (1 year) and people with 1 year EADs have difficulty getting driving license renewed in some states. not being able to drive to work is a big problem in itself and has economic and physical hardship implications.
    - long wait for green card weighs in heavy on immigrant families and they cannot enjoy the same freedom that citizens or permanent residents enjoy. This restriction hampers the growth and development of children.
    - children of H1B holders cannot get any relief in tuition in local colleges even if they are intelligent and qualify all exams with best scores. They cannot get any scolarships.
    - employers of h1B tend to exploit employees knowing that the employee will stay until PR application is approved. This creates depression in employees.
    - lack of promotions and raises for H1B immigrant causes disparity amongst employees and coworkers change their attitude against the employee. Such lack of respect and seeing juniors becoming seniors over a perid of time, creates emotional stress in immigrant.
    - The lengthy, vague and irratic nature of proceessing of cases by USCIS and DOL causes tensions and distress at various stages in the process.
    - Skilled EB immigrants only make up 11.5% of legal immigrants. This small number contributes the most to the us economy instead of other catagories.
    - Lot of highly educated professional want to start new businesses and ventures. Inability to do that hurts their innovative spirit and competitive edge that usa can befit from. New business will also provide more revenue and jobs for the country.
    - Due to the nature of H1B validations and extensions, every time the immigrant travels to the home country there has to be a visa interview. These visa interviews have to be planned months in advance and the trip cannot be short. It has a financial burden and emotional stress for the family. Not being able to visit the homecountry at will creates family tensions and issues. Families and relatives have to stay part and meet after long intervals of time.
    - inability to change jobs during the 8 year greencard process hurts the learning and development and career growth of the person. For a high skilled professional in the prime of his work life this is very important. Not being able to change jobs creates frustration and growth becomes stagnant.
    - the long wait for the GC forces some immigrant to migrate to other developed countries that have better immigration process or head back to home country to use their skills. Its a loss of intellectual capital for USA. For an immigrant it means uprooting life again from one place and restarting life again elsewhere. It not only has financial implications but a social, cultural and emotional burden on the family.


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  • jayleno
    10-03 01:27 PM
    Guys...have a nice weekend. Can you tell that I'm trying not to say "Bump"???:)

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  • EB3_SEP04
    07-16 04:40 PM
    No it is the same company

    First of all congrats!

    My understanding is that as long as the new job/title falls in the SAME O*NET code(lower right corner of your labor appplication), it is considered SAME/SIMILAR job and hence OK. e.g. O*NEt code for Computer Programmers is 15-1021

    The good news is that YOU think that the new job duties are 50% different, which may not be the case as per AC21. That happened to one of friends, his old job was at a bank and his labor had a lot banking related words, then he joined a CISCO which is defiintely not a bank so new job duties were 70-80 different (if you compare word to word), so he was worried, but his lawyer said "you were a DBA (15-1061) and you are still a DBA, so it is a SAME or SIMILAR job". He got the GC last year.

    Also how would USCIS know that you have been promoted? since you are not changing employer, you are not using AC21 and does not have to inform USCIS about this change. So technically you could be promoted every year still have no effect on green card (unless you get an RFE and USCIS asks for a emmployment letter, pay stub etc, which will show a change in title).


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  • summerof98
    10-24 01:38 PM
    Under what circumstances can a Service Request be made?

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  • lostinbeta
    10-05 03:05 AM
    Thank you Syko:)

    I love Photoshop. It is the only art program I have. I wish I could afford 3dsmax and/or Adobe Illustrator, but I dont think that is going to be happening anytime soon:(

    The Flash in the center is actually an easy effect to come up with without 3dsmax :P

    PS: Nice Sig :)


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  • sunny26
    11-21 08:08 AM
    Hi Raj
    Ur RD is dec21st.Now according to nsc processing date they r processing jan1st 2007 cases.So wait till next update if u didnt get before that u ask ur lawyer or employer to open SR.i dont think there is any paper work for that.They need to call and talk to IO and open.but i donno the procedure so check with quizzer.

    I think you mean I need to see which dates are processing @ NSC; if my I-140 reciept date exceed more than 60 days then I can request my Attorney to got for SR(Service Request)?

    Please confirm the way what are the documents we need to provide to go for SR or Attorney will handle it?

    Your response much Appreciated.

    Thank you

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  • chanduv23
    09-14 09:57 AM
    Flying to DC for their GC.............

    Happy to know that there are still people who like and know how to make a difference.

    And why does your profile say "NO" for the rally?


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  • arnet
    09-08 01:37 PM
    well spoken....thanks to Shilpa and for IV/IARC. she highlighted all the problems/solutions even abt SKIL bill. well done.......

    girlfriend Family Guy (Quotes 2) by Maxi; quotes about family problems. Quotes:
  • Quotes:

  • coopheal
    11-05 01:43 PM
    Contribute Contribute Contribute

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  • that the family problems

  • gc03
    06-06 10:39 AM
    Good points.

    Cann't travel outside usa, because of too many restrictions on h1/h4 visa holders.

    09-02 09:37 PM
    Any updates or idea on what happened on August 31st senate judiciary meeting on SKIL bill? PLease let us know IV members.

    06-27 12:25 PM
    My I140 was approved in Dec 2005 by TSC. The online case status still says it pending. And i just filed my 485 using that 140.

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