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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

60 min CD series volume 19

Slightly extended mix this time, due to a late spurt of decent findings on my travels and I also remembered some good uns. Please note that the Take em to War track by MF Grimm  plays from the vinyl distorted, please dont blame my recording levels as this is how it plays, also forgive a couple of nosies by Windows 7 in there as it was all recorded live, no back peddling for perfection here.. it was live and uncut.
 Towards the end of the mix, theres a few more tuneful tracks to slow the mood down slightly before coming to an end with an unreleased Cappo know the postcode!  Medicine fron Stylah uses the end theme from the Hulk to good effect but the stand out track for myself is the new Pack FM joint, which has a great sample.


1.Busy signal- Prefuse 73
2.Let it out- Ugly Duckling
3.N.O.C.D.M- Dirtburg ft Keez
4. It cant get any harder- L.O.N.S
5.I swear on a stack of old hits-Son Of Bazerk and the No Self Control Band
6. Feel This- Fat Club
7.I.A.A.D- Shortee Blitz ft Ty
8.Known to be the Masta- DJ Hype ft Masta Ace
9.I fuckin hate rappers- Pack FM
10.Take em to war- MF Grimm-
11.Beats n rhymes- Beatmonstas
12.The Pharoahs- A.O.T.P
13.Live from the plantation-Mr Lif
14.Lets go- Beatmonstas
15.Off the reel- Northern Hostility
16.Pull out your cut remix- DJ Hype ft Mr Lif
17.Emotions- MF Grimm ft B One
18.Lithium romp- Jay Roacher
19.Medicine- Stylah
20,What they want- The U.N
21.Feather- Nujabes ft Cise Star and Akin
22. Its all love- Wax and EOM
23.You cant get enough of who?- Sindecut
24. Dying day- Cappo


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

funny shit

skip to 4 mins in.. then its starts....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

bboys at Fresh 98

10 mins of solid dancing.
Bboys Maurizio, Storm, Swift, Evo, Ken swift, and members of Out Of Control( Denmark) and Battle Squad( Germany) grace the stage for one awesome throwdown.
I was in the 3rd row, and not many acts that night got this kind of reception. The place exploded whrn Storm did his headspin.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Majesta -British Hip Hop rebuilds

Bristol old schoolers Hairy Parents DJ Majesta has been busy making a new album entitled British Hip Hop rebuilds, taking many a classic accapella (Hijack, Standing ovation and Mello, to name a few) and putting fresh new beats to them, with DJ Name manning the scratches, mixing and mastering.
Brings a new take on some of the tracks which like us old Britcore peoples, have mellowed with age...
Digging deep into his crates of British Hip Hop gold, polishing up the rare acapella's and getting busy on the MPC 2000 the producer/MC has completed this tall task with typical flare and ease.

It features all the expected classics and some more rarer slices of more underground 12 inches from back in the day.

The remixes are still brimming with the essence of the original British sound but in a more measured and sonically accessible fashion, allowing the vocals to stand out with much more clarity than the originals. Basically the beats are hard and the loops are dope (as always) which suit the original vocals well but breathe new life into these old gems to a point that you might find it hard to recall the original tunes at all!

great remix job.



Sunday, July 4, 2010

Radio show:02nd July 2010

Beats for days and tunes for those inthe chat room live as the show dropped. Music old and new as Lennie digs in the crates for this lates show of the USB blogspot!
Tuffer than Seagal dressed as a uniformed cop.
i love the smell of burnt skin in the morning