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Saturday, May 29, 2010

radio show: 28th May 2010

Guest in the studio was myself this week, playing some tunes and providing the beats for Lennies freestyle challenge, where members of the chatroom typed words for Len to incorporate into a rhyme.
Essential for fans of the live element!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

down time

Both and wont be updated next week as I am away to Boogie Down Budapest.
Will resume service when I return.
Until then, hammer them downloads!

radio show: 21st May 2010

A busy chat room made for a great show, with the exclusive live rhyme sessions going off


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Great Run DMC bio

Watched this for the first time on the Biography channel the other day and expected your normal corny biog, but this really took me by suprise. Besides the ususal struggle to fame, it goes into new territory by highlighting the darker sides of what happened when they got there, like Runs chronic depression.
Deffo worth a watch for a different look on one of raps supergroups.

chatbox request: Storms Footwork Fundamental

passowrd is


DEAD SPACE is filmmakers Marielle "Lela" Quesney and Turf One's latest effort, documenting veteran Parisian graffiti writer Psyckoze and his experience in the Catacombs over the last 22 years. The Catacombs are 69 km's of abandoned tunnels, 100 feet below the city of Paris. The film is a portrait of Psyckoze through this abandoned urban landscape and a portrait of the space through the artist. Original music score by Simahlak ,Sixtoo ,Scott C ,Interceiving and more...
Props to Toxic zine

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Props to Mexican Taint for the Up


Release Info
Release Name: Legendary Weapons of China (1984)
AR : 2.35:1 .
Release Date: 04/17/2005
Format : XviD
Store Date : 10/19/2004
Resolution : 608x256
Runtime : 100 Minutes
Video : 865 kbps
CDs & Rars : (50x15)
Audio : 96 kbps mono
Subtitles : English

Movie Info

During the Boxer Rebellion, gun toting foreigners invade China and
begin slaughtering all who oppose them. Finding their skills no match
for this deadly new firepower, Lei Kung retreats, but finds himself
pursued by other kung fu schools who want him silenced. Using every
Chinese weapon available, Lei takes on his informer brother in a battle
to the death. A martial arts classic with breathtaking choreography.
Don't miss it!

directed by:

Lau Kar-Leung


Sheng Fu .... Wu
Hou Hsiao .... Tieh Hon
Kara Hui .... Fang Shao-Ching

Rippers Notes

Enjoy this Shaw Bros movie! We used Cantonese soundtrack, and included
the Mandarin soundtrack as an extra. Shaw says this movie is from 1984,
so we'll trust their date rather than the imdb one.

****NOTE****On part 5 for rapidshare, you need to add (.rar) after the file. My bad but I am not going to re-upload it after all this.



Audible Mainframe- Transients

If you caught the last upload from these guys on this very blog, they you know what your in for here.
Amazing live percussion, decent rhymes and lots of funk!


01 - Money & Flash
02 - Don't Be Sheep (On Friday Night)
03 - Subi Alto (Climb High)
04 - Traffic Featuring Jade Ross
05 - Radioland
06 - Ice Cold
07 - Sonuvagun Featuring Pilot Touhill
08 - Anybody Else
09 - The Show Must Go On
10 - Poison Ivy Featuring Tamo & Pilot Touhill
11 - Something Great
12 - Real Talk
13 - End Scene


Radio show: 7th May 2010

New jams galore as well as some old favourites, another slammin show!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Solvent abuse- 1.5gig mp4

Props to Skire for this..

Was gonna do a “Proper DVD release” but figured it wouldnt exactly make me rich (If anyone remembers the old Solvent Abuse VHS series, you will know we always knocked em out cheap and it was never about money) but then I figured it would be a pain in the arse getting it stocked in shops and whatever so I figured, what the hell lets put it out there for free. Its 1.5gb MP4 so it will work on PS3’s and MP4 DVD players etc, if your watching it on your computer I recomend Quicktime or VLCplayer (be sure to click on view and watch it fullscreen).

It aint no hardcore train video, Its a bit of everything filmed between 1998 & 2008 featuring a few London Walls – Legals, Tracksides, Streets Loads of Italian runners (FS, Napoli Roma), some classic Hanover, Amsterdam, Copenhagen & Warsaw trains, walls, damage circa 1999, British Jams like Sleeping Giants, Roxe Jam2008, Cans2, JamEmIn, Meeting Of Styles 2008 and Write4Gold 2006. Barcelona Halls of fame, Newcastle old & new plus a few quick trips to Belgium, Spain & Johannesburg.

A fair few London Commuters (2002 – 2008) and a couple of Tube runners.
It also features Crews like ATG, DWS, TNS, NM, DPV & THIRDECADE.
With music by MetalBoxProducts, DJ Klose One, Matt Nice, Sober & Critic

I hope you enjoy it and if you dont… well fuck off then, its not like it cost you anything…


this is a direct download

Monday, May 3, 2010

Darkstalkers tribute book

It's been 15 years since legendary video game developer CAPCOM® unveiled the Darkstalkers™ to the world. Since then the game has become a beloved fan favorite in games and anime with its sweeping vision of shadowy stygian realms, strange creatures and mysterious temptresses.
UDON Entertainment's Darkstalkers Tribute is a special volume of original illustrations from artists all around the globe, professionals and fans alike, commemorating the 15th anniversary of the Darkstalkers franchise.
Inside are nearly 300 pages of artwork portraying the Darkstalkers cast in a feverish array of styles and designs, from tightly rendered realistic paintings through to abstract and iconic interpretations. This is a lush video game art gallery in a book, bursting with inspiration and energy on every page.

Fans of UDON, comics, video games, concept art and anime will all find Darkstalkers Tribute an exciting new vision of the Night Warriors, brought to you by the studio that introduced a new generation of fans to the magic of CAPCOM.


radio show: 30th April 2010

Tunes galore!

re-up request


films to watch online

Trickonometry 2

owScriptAccess=always type=application/x-shockwave-flash>

Floor Wars 2006

Show must go on 2

Kings Destroy

Saturday, May 1, 2010

60 minute cd series: vol 18



1.Ride or die- The Budos Band
2.Get well soon- Braille
3.Loodikrus- Cappo
4.Fly Antics- Abdominal
5.Decrease the peace- Fat Club
6.Capitol radio session dec 87- Sindecut
7.Revolving doors- DJ Alibi ft Dexter Noizulli
8.Travellin man remix- DJ Honda ft Mos Def
9.Path of the lyricist- Mr Monk
10.Want whats yours- Scor-Zay-Zee
11.Walk in the sky- Lewis Paker
12.Psychological warfare- Cappo
13.Flip it- Breakin bread
14.Lyrical fluctuation- Jigmastas ft MrComplex, Pharoah Monche,Shabam Shadeeq and Talib Kweli
15.Gifted remix- Whitefield Brothers ft Edan and Mr Lif
16. Lets ride- DJ Honda ft Insight
17.1MC1DJ- Static and Nat Ill